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Weapon Systems Of Pakistan Air Force
Air - To - Air Missiles

Currently there are four types of missiles in PAF inventory. They are :

AIM - 9 P2:

The AIM-9P2 is the 1980s update of the older AIM-9Bs. It has improved lead acquisition capability, solid state electronics, improved infrared warhead and a reduced smoke motor. The Sidewinder has been Pakistan's standard air-to-air missile since 1956. The range is from 4 to 8 Km.

AIM - 9 L:

This is the latest version of this long-lived missile. It weighs 86 Kg. compared to 75 Kg. of -9Bs. It is an all-aspect attack missile and also has greater ECM protection. The range is about 10 Km.

MATRA R 550:

It is a 91 Kg. infrared seeker, intended for dog-fight missions. The range is from 2 to 10 Km. depending on the altitude and speed. It is of French origin that came with the Mirages but can also arm A-5s and other aircraft.

PL - 5:

The Chinese PL-5 is infact a copy of the French -550 missile but lacking the performance of its counterpart. It was supplied with the F-7Ps. The range is from 4 to 6 km. 

Surface - To - Air Missiles

CROTALE 2000/3000/4000:

PAF inducted Crotale 2000s in 1975-6, Crotale 3000s in 1986 and Crotale 4000s in 1985. These formed a total of around 6 squardons. PAF's Crotale consitute an all-weather system with near-instantaneous reaction, highly lethal fire power and a near 100 % kill probability. These can be transported by rail and air without any special preparation.

HQ - 2 B:

Based on the Soviet SA-2 SAM, the Chinese HQ-2B has been developed and refined to include ECCM with fine anti-jamming ability. It has an operational range from 1000 m to 27000 m and a speed of 4.2 Mach. It was inducted in 1983 and equips 2 squardons.

PL - 9:

Developed for the area-defence, this comprehensive air defence network combines ultra-low level search radar and fire control radar with a combination of PL-9 SAM and twin 35/37 mm guns. It interfaces guns and missiles against low-level attack aircraft by means of optical units and automatic computer-controlled infrared-laser radar.

Air - To - Surface Missiles

AGM - 65 A/B:

This missile was introduced in 1983. It is for use against tanks, ships and concrete defence. It has a TV guidance and the warhead weighs 57 and 136 Kg. It costs between $60,000 and $100,000. The missile is carried by the F-16 aircraft and has a kill rate of around 80 %.

AM - 39:

The air-launched Exocet AM-39 anti-ship missiles are carried by the PAF's Mirage VPA3 of No. 8 Maritime Squardon for maritime strike. They can also be carried by the Atlantic aircraft and Sea King helicopter of the Navy. The range is from 40 to 75 km. The missile weighs about 655 Kg. with a 165 Kg. warhead. It can fly at just under Mach 1 at about 2-3 m above water.



Atlas guided bomb was basically intended for the Mirage V aircraft, but after a modification PAF has been able to arm F-16s with it also. This gives PAF a real lethal strike capability. The bomb weighs 2000 lb. and can be guided and fired through Thompson CSF pod.


This bomb weighs 2000 lbs. and is carried by the F-16 aircraft. It costs somewhere around $30,000. and the kit can be applied to bombs anywhere within the 500 to 3000 lb. range. It is usually fired at a height less than 2000 ft. and has a range of about 2 - 4 km.


Durrandel is an airfield attack munition that is used to crater runways. It weighs 195 Kg. and six to ten can be carried by the Mirage III/V aircraft. The penetration is claimed to be 40 cm of concrete and area disrupted to be 150 to 200 sq.m.


Rockeyes are basically cluster-bombs i.e numerous bomblets are present in a bomb shell which are released at a particular height. It is a wide area weapon which is used against troop and artillary concentrations. Weight is some where around 600 lb.

General Purpose HE Bombs:

PAF has general purpose bombs of 250 lb. 500 lb. 750 lb. and the 1000 lb. range that are used against large land targets. They don't have any guidance systems and are used either for the troop harrasment or against buildings. These are carried by F-16, Mirage V and the A-5 aircraft.


The Pakistan Air Defence Command was formed in 1975. It is based at Chaklala and exercises surveillance, control, and coordination of all pakistan airspace. It controls all the air defence elements (fighters, SAMs, ack ack guns etc) which are fully integrated with the other weapon systems to form a cohesive and potent deterrent force. The Air Office Commanding, ADC, is responsible for maintaining a highly responsive combat-worthy status of all air defence units. The HQ is built underground, to a depth of somewhere between 5 to 10 metres. It is divided into three regional air commands as :

Northern Air Command (Peshawar)
Central Air Command (Sargodha)
Southern Air Command (Masroor)

Subordinate to it are four sector operations centers and subordinate to the SOC's are seven Control And Reporting Centers. The Sectors with their HQs are :

North : Peshawar
West : Quetta
Center : Sargodha
South : Karachi

There are 8 separate identified radar systems netted into the Pakistan Air Defence system. Of these, 5 are long-range and the remaining 3 are low-level.

Long Range Radar Systems:

   1.FPS-89/100: It is located at two locations. It has a search range of 350 km.
   2.Type 514: This is a Chinese system acquired in 1978.
   3.Condor: This high-level system was acquired from UK in 1968.
   4.TPS-43G: This is an advanced American radar system with a 200 mile range. These were commissioned in 1985.
   5.Thompson CSF: These are ATC radars that corrospond to Pakistan's growing civil air traffic routes,
      but they are really placed to boost early warning from the Indian border.

Low Level Radars:

   1.AR-1/15Six: AR-1 radars were installed in 1968-9. They have a range of 150 km.
   2.MPDR45: MPDRs were obtained from Siemens of Germany in 1979-80. They are
     controlled from six control and reporting centers which are also mobile. The three versions
     available with Pakistan are :
     MPDR 45 (with 45 km. range)
     MPDR 60 (with 60 km. range)
     MPDR 90 (with 90 km. range)