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Assalam O Alikum/ Hello.
My name is Ahmad Adnan Faruqi. I am a 19 year old guy whose passion has always been to be a fighter pilot in the PAF,  and this dream of mine drove me to create this website, to which I devoted almost every hour of the two months it took me to creat it. It took alot of time, research and surfing/reading before this website could come into existance.

I come from a military background, with my father and brother both being in the Pakistan Navy. But my inclination towards PAF was obviously because of the charm that PAF carries with it's name. What provoked me to create this website? Well the day I got an internet connection, my first query on yahoo search was obviously Pakistan Air Force, but I was greatly disappointed to see that there weren't any websites providing a complete refrence to PAF, no offense to any webmasters. There was always something missing, so I decided to create a realm of PAF, where once a visitor comes, won't have to go anywhere else. .....and after two months of hardwork, the result is in front of you. Now its upto you to descide if I was sucessful in my goal, and that you liked my website or not, please do express your comments in my guestbook.

To tell you more about my self, well, my hobbies include, computers, website designing, cricket, football, table tennis, swimming, sailing, sketching, reading novels, listening to music, driving, playing my keyboard, and ofcoarse collecting stuff about PAF, and many more, so I am a little into everything. And if I could brag a little more about myself, I am also the reigning runners up (2nd) possition holder in All Karachi Inter-Collegiate English debates.

Well if you want to know more about me, mail me and I'll be glad to tell, also if u need any assistance, want to give any comments or suggestions, email me at

Ahmad Adnan Faruqi,
Pakistan AirForce Online. 
Server Administrator,
Pakistan Air Force Mail Service,