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Kashmir Operations - 1948:

This war ws the first combat test of PAF. It flew 437 sorties, dropping 500 tons of supplies at Bunji, Skardu, Gilgit and Chilas
and losing no aircraft. Its fighters saw no action. During this war, PAF got its first Sitara-i-Jurat when Sq. Ldr. M.A.Dogar won it after successfully dodging the Indians who were determined to shoot down his Dakota Plane.

War Of 1965:

The 23 day conflict in September 1965 represented the zenith for the Pakistan Air Force and could justify claims to be its country's crowning glory. During this war, Sq. Ldr.M.M.Alam set a world record by shooting down five Indian planes in just one battle. PAF proved the performance of its pilots by bombing Pathankot and Kalaikunda Air Bases, two of the most important and heavily guarded complexes of the Indian Air Force. PAF downed a total of about 65 Indian planes while losing only 19 planes.

The Arab-Israel War-1967:

During this war, PAF sent a contingent of its pilots and airmen to Egypt, Jordan and Syria. PAF pilots performed excellently and downed about 10 Israeli planes including Mirages, Mysteres, Vautours without losing a single plane of their own. Flt.Lt. Saif-ul-Azam was decorated by Jordan and Iraq.

The performance of PAF pilots was praised by Israelis too. Eizer Weizman, then Chief Of Israeli Air Force said once about Air Marshal Noor Khan : "...He is a formidable person and I am glad that he is Pakistani not Egyptian..."

The Battle Of Sharoora-1969:

In 1969, South Yemen, which was under the communist regime and a strong ally of USSR, attacked and captured Mount Vadiya inside the province of Sharoora in Saudi Arabia. Many PAF officers and men from different branches who were serving in Khamis Mushayt (the closet airbase from the battlefield), took active part in this battle in which the enemy was ultimately driven back.

War Of 1971:

This war was mostly confined to the Eastern sector where only one PAF squardon (no.14) was pitched against 10 Indian Air Force squardons. The western sector saw limited action in the Punjab area. The war resulted in the separation of the Eastern wing from Western Paksitan as Bangladesh. PAF destroyed a total of 110 Indian planes while losing about 40 planes. One major reason for the slightly poor performance of PAF can be given as the defection of its Bengali crew to the Indians.

War Of Attrition - 1973:

The PAF was active again in the Middle East sector after about 6 years. The PAF contingent deployed at Inchas Air Base (Egypt) was led by Wg.Cmdr. Masood Hatif and five other pilots plus two air defence controllers. During this war, Flt.Lt Sattar Alvi was decorated by the Syrian goverment when he shot down an Israeli Mirage over Golan Heights.

The Afghan War 1980-88:

During 1981-88, Pakistan experienced about 2000 air intrusions by Afghan/Soviet forces. It shot down about 14 Afghan/Soviet aircraft over the years and suffered one loss while chasing the intruders, albeit to its own shooting down of an F-16. This war helped Pakistan to acquire the latest F-16s aircraft from U.S.A and modernise its air-defence system.